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Sharing Love and Blessings Through Meaningful Jewelry


The Meaning Of Amrit

In ancient mysticism, Amrit is the nectar of the divine. At Amrit Jewelry we create bespoke pieces that have deeper symbolic meanings and carry a sacred blessing for the wearer.

The Designer: Sat Hari

Amrit’s designer, Sat Hari, was born in America, but was sent to India at a young age to attend boarding school there, and remained there until she was 18. Her time in India was deeply formative, very profound, and ultimately a great blessing.

Love of Precious Gems

While in India, she became very enamored by precious gems, jewelry and ancient symbolism, and it was during this time she began to design and make jewelry as well as learning alternative health practices while living a very spiritually based lifestyle. Sat Hari would visit the local pundit/astrologer/gem dealer, and he would explain the symbolism and power of different stones. Then he would tell what to wear, where to wear it and the reasons behind all of that.

The Holistic Approach

In her early adulthood, she expanded her knowledge of holistic healing, and ended up touring with an internationally famous rock band as their personal healer, building up a vast clientele of celebrities, entertainment and business professionals. Her love of creating jewelry continued to grow, and she often gave her pieces away as gifts.

Joy of Giving

With encouragement from her clients and friends, she decided to start designing professionally, bringing all her wisdom and experience of holistic health, the properties of gems, and spiritual symbolism into each piece. It is with this love, and wanting to share the joy of giving, that Sat Hari designs and continues to make pieces through Amrit Jewelry.   

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